Wheel in the Sky

Hi All, it has been a while since I last posted – working with a client on a customer experience design project. I just stumbled onto this tool from Lego – that helps a company to diagnose the current state experience and hint at places for improvement.  I like the presentation (simple is always better), but the devil can be in the details.

It shows the various steps a customer goes through during the lifecycle or transaction (in this case a flight) – and labels the areas that could be made a positive experience, require data, and moments of truth. This is a good workshop exercise, but will leave some key questions unanswered. For example, many large companies simply don’t have a handle on all the interactions they have layered onto the experience over the years. They may not know which experiences are “make or break” – and would require some additional data to make that determination.  They may be collecting all kinds of customer data, but not using it to personalize products / services or interactions. Also, they probably do not know how their customers are different from one another, making the prospect of personalization difficult.

All that said, this serves as a nice exercise to begin with. Similar to a customer corridor where you are charting the touchpoints, and an old Peppers & Rogers favorite “the race for the best customer” where you are working with execs to figure out where they stand on overal ability to learn from customers, personalize interactions and further engage them. I use both in my workshops, then follow up with a more detailed “touchmap” that shows the current interactions, data flows, gaps and opportunities for change.


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