Guest blogging: 1to1 Media

May 7, 2009

Hi All,

Guest blogging in 1to1 Media: Twittering your way to WOW. Some thoughts on integrating Twitter as another tool in an overal operational loyalty program. Try twitter searching your business – you might be surpised at the buzz, both positive and negative.

Last Twitter Post for a while

May 1, 2009

I don’t mean this blog to be a shrine to Twitter – honestly :). I get a bit giddy with any technology that allows you to close the loop with individuals, influence WOM, and learn from promoters/detractors AT NO COST!

BTW – Wholefoods is encouraging it’s retail locations to get Twitter accounts to interact with their lcoal markets. An Volkswagen dealers are going Twitter crazy. Way cool.

Does shipping drive retail WOM?

April 20, 2009

The title of this article “Opinion: Loyalty is more than points programs” on is spot on. When you read it though, it talks an awful lot about free and fast delivery being the distinguishing experiences for Amazon Prime and Zappos.

What earns Zappos rave reviews and WOM is the way it consistently surprises customers with free shipping upgrades so their shoes arrive sooner than expected. Our work with women shows that shoes are one the fastest ways to her heart, and this approach to delighting customers clearly pays Zappos dividends in the form of 75 percent of purchases come from returning customers, and repeat customers order more than 2.5 times every 12 months. Repeat customers also have higher average order sizes, and year-over-year revenue increased 30 percent.

These are good results for sure. My question though, is shipping always the key loyalty driver? What are other ways that online retailers (or any retailer for that matter) can innovate?

Still siloed after all these years…

April 14, 2009

siloNice article from Intelligent Enterprise on the importance of having ongoing customer feedback programs. It compares the various technologies out there – communities, survey feedback platforms, comment analysis, etc.  – and comes the the conclusion that they are all useful for a holistic program, but no silver bullet yet exists.

In addition, companies should create customer interaction redesign teams that look at key touch points and find ways to improve them by using customer feedback. “What can these teams do? Design processes that avoid issues, recover from problems, and delight customers,” Forrester said.

Finally, Forrester advises organization to develop a customer insight and response platform. Unfortunately, firms will need to piece together their own CIRP that facilitates the four key customer feedback processess: listening, interpreting, reacting and monitoring.

That’s because no one vendor offers a comprehensive solution. Providers come at the market from a number of different perspectives, including market research frms like Taylor Nelson Sofres interaction specialists like ForeSee Results, OpinionLab, and iPerceptions; survey-centric Vovici and SurveyMonkey; and more operationally focused Allegiance and Confirmit, Forrester said.

An integrated customer strategy is needed to create a vision, change company culture, employ the technologies in alignment with best practice, interpret results, and facilitate strategic changes.  Hey, we do that!

Satmetrix 2009 Annual Net Promoter® Benchmark Reports

April 10, 2009

New NPS rankings are out, for purchase. From John Abraham

“With the economy in turmoil, companies are focusing on customer experience and retention more than ever,” said John Abraham, general manager of Net Promoter programs at Satmetrix. “These benchmarks give companies a way to compare themselves against other companies in key industries and understand who is best-in-class when it comes to customer loyalty and organic growth potential.”

Vonage, Apple, USAA and Adobe are stars. I wonder what they are doing right? Check out the press release for more highlights.

Qwest is Twittering

April 9, 2009

“Qwest’s focus is on perfecting the customer experience, and Talk to Qwest is a program that embodies that vision,” said Brian Stading, Qwest vice president of sales support operations. “When we listen to our customers, contribute to the conversation and share what we learn in the process with all parts of the business – that’s when we begin to see the success stories.”

More info here.

10 Second Book Review

April 8, 2009

From Wall Street Journal….Inpire! by Jim Champy and Hit the Ground Running by Jason Jennings. Case studies from Stonyfield, ZipCar, and others.  Moral: Understand the needs of your customers and make stuff that they want = great customer experience.

Pretty simple really